Gaining Confidence with God's Divine Help

Taking control of your thoughts is one of the most powerful things you can do to gain confidence and change your life! There are all sorts of things that get in the way of having a positive mindset. One is negative thoughts and critical words. It's easy to complain and imagine the worse possibilities that could come to past. Is there any wonder when those thoughts and words become a self-fulfilling prophecy? We talk to ourselves with such unkind words that we would never say to someone else. This is a habit that can be broken and must be because it tears down your confidence and contentment in life! Proverbs 3:26 says,"For the Lord shall be your confidence and will keep your foot from being

Be Good to Yourself Therapy

Why is it that we sometimes feel guilty when we do things for ourselves? This is an absolute necessity in order to fulfill all of the roles we have in life. We will be a better mother, wife, co-worker, and friend if we learn to be good to ourselves. So what does this entail? Banish Negative Thoughts & Words We so often think unkind thoughts to ourselves or even say mean things to ourselves outloud. I am usually pretty good about not doing that. However, recently my doctor put me on a medication that the side effect is weight gain. I gained 22lbs! That is significant and, needless to say, I am not happy about that. On Christmas we were taking pictures and by inner critic creeped out. Oh, dele

The Three Pillars of Trust

Defining Trust According to Webster, trust is defined as the firm belief in the reliability, truth, or strength of someone. Do you believe in the reliability, truth and strength of God? There is not one person in the world who you can trust more than God. Humans fail us. Even our closest family members and friends. But God never fails. His Word says so. Let's look at the 3 Pillars of Trusting God. Connection The first step in connecting with God is salvation. Inviting God into your life by asking forgiveness and laying down your old way of living to live a new life in Christ. Some folks think they should wait until they have their act together. This is a myth. God asks us to come to Him just

You Can't Dream Big When You Are Thinking Small.

Some folks sit on their dreams their entire life without acting on them. There are several reasons this may be the case. Sometimes we think small instead of dreaming big. Why do we do this? We may feel we have pretty much made it as well as we are going. to. We don't have money, so we feel it's impossible. We don't really believe we deserve better things in life. Or, sometimes, we think, "luck," or knowing the right people can do more than God! So what can we do? Enlist a, "Dream Team." Everyone needs a dream team. A dream team is your inner circle of support. People who believe in you and encourage you. These are friends and family who know what your dreams are and they are your cheerleader

Where Do You Need Strength the Most?

There are hundreds of promises in God's Word on receiving strength from the Lord. God's word also says, "You have not because you ask not." Why is it that when we are weak, we don't get around to asking God to strengthen us? Perhaps we are busy, tired, preoccupied, or stressed. It is these very conditions that God can give you relief from. Let's look at some areas where we need strength. 1. Physical Strength: Sometimes we are overly tired and wake up like we haven't slept at all. We can re-evaluate how we are using our time, however, sometimes there is nothing that can be deleted. We may be over obligated and just too darn busy. Whether you can make changes or not, God can strengthen you to

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