5 Resolutions to NEVER Make.

To Give Up Cookies. You can’t be sad when you’re holding a warm cookie with a cold shot of milk. White chocolate with macadamia nuts (my favorite), butter cookies, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, or peanut butter. I like them all. But we must set obtainable goals. Banishing cookies is unacceptable. When you say, “No more cookies,” they are everywhere and all you can think about is cookies. To Get a Hamster. They look so darn soft and cute! You go to PetSmart for dog food and everything looks fun! Fish, birds, and…hamsters! You imagine cuddling that little fluff ball and hand feeding him lettuce. But you can’t hold onto them! They spaz all over the place and catapult out of your hand like a l

4 Steps to Personal Growth in 2018

Give Yourself Space We need, "Buffer Zones," in our life. Don't rush through life and miss it. Be present in the moment. Leave space in your schedule for you. Schedule time to just breathe and take a walk. Re-arrange your furniture for more space and a fresh look. Give yourself space in your checkbook and don't run yourself down to your last fifty bucks. Give yourself space. Reach to Be a Better Person Daily Take stock of your values: Honesty, Kindness, Generousity. Identify areas where you can be a better person. What's important to you? Do you want to be more patient? Do you want to perform more random acts of kindness? Sure we all want to eat better and lose a few pounds. While good healt

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