3 Steps to Silence Your Inner Critic

Imagine you are with a friend in an art gallery and you're looking at a painting. You and your friend are talking about all the flaws in the painting. Then you realize the artist is near by and heard your words! How do you think the artist feels at this point? Well guess what! You are that painting created by God. How do you think God feels when you pick out every flaw of His creation? It breaks God's heart because He adores you and you are wonderfully made, in all your uniquenesses, by Him. 1. Why Do We Allow Our Inner Critic into our Hearts? Sometimes, we are listening to a voice from our past. It could be a parental figure, a harsh teacher, or an abusive ex. These voices are so engrained

3 Reasons You Don't Love Yourself Enough

1. We Still Haven't Forgiven Ourselves for the Past So many of us experience feelings of shame and guilt from our past. My friend Dr. Steve Brand explains the difference between shame and guilt that makes so much sense. Shame is saying, “I’m a bad person.” Guilt is saying, “I did a bad thing.” We all make mistakes but it doesn’t mean you are a bad person. Accept Christ’s forgiveness and stand up tall like the person He created you to be! Watch for the temptation to feel bad about things of the past. Remind yourself that you can do nothing about any of it. But, what I have forgiven is forgiven, says the Lord. Don't dig up old trash that makes you feel terrible about yourself. You are God's ch

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