3 Lies the Enemy Tells you About Grace

You Are Unworthy. On our best days some of us don’t feel worthy of good things in life, Let alone the miracle of God’s gift of grace to us. Sometimes this is low self esteem. Sometimes it is anxiety and depression. Sometimes we don’t even understand grace. How can it be free? It's unmerited favor, a free gift of our salvation. Because God loves YOU! He doesn’t just, “tolerate,” you and your behaviors. He adores you unconditionally. You have to get rid of your inner critic and love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, How can you comprehend God’s supernatural love? Love yourself and believe God. You’ve Done Bad Things. Don’t you hate it when someone throws your past up in your face? The enem

4 Powerful Daily Reminders

4 Powerful Daily Reminders Start your day off strong! Have some breakfast and coffee. Dress for success. And check out these powerful daily reminders: Power Thought One: I am GRATEFUL for many things. Starting your day with thoughts of how much you have to be thankful for fuels your thinking and kick starts your spirit. Take it a step further and jot down your thoughts of gratitude in your planner or in a journal. Gratefulness cancels out fear because gratitude and fear cannot occupy the same space in your mind. By focusing on all that you have to be happy about centers your thinking and puts you in a good mood. Power Thought Two: I am UNIQUE and ORIGINAL. There is not a single person that i

The Difference Between Happiness and Joy

Romans 12:12 tells us, "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer." That scripture has been my mainstay this year. I have had a very rough month. It started with a hospital stay for 4 days, diagnosed with colitis and a blood infection. After that, I was so very relieved it was over. I had never been in the hospital before and I hated it. Little did I know, I would be there again for longer when my appendix burst and I had to have emergency surgery. It was a life and death situation. The problem was, I didn't know that's what had happened and I went 4 days without treatment. By the grace of God, the poison from the appendix had somehow been isolated in a pocket and did

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