June 1, 2018

Take Quiet Time Alone for Reflection

We all need a time to grieve – quiet time for reflection to sift through memories and come to grips with what has happened. Grief is defined, "deep sorrow." Unfortunately the only way to deal with grief is go through it and feel it....

June 1, 2018

Look around the room you are in right now. Do you see any clutter? Could you be on an episode of, “Hoarders?” Clutter causes stress and clutter is the main barrier of productivity. Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.

Use the standard strategy of, “Keep,” “...

June 1, 2018

There is a pathway worth walking. There is a life mantra worth embracing. There is an attitude that enhances your life. It is JOYFUL LIVING! Here are six ways to live a more rewarding life. We'll use the acrostic, "JOYFUL."

J is for JOIN. Surround yourself with happy pe...

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