You Can't Dream Big When You Are Thinking Small.

Some folks sit on their dreams their entire life without acting on them. There are several reasons this may be the case. Sometimes we think small instead of dreaming big. Why do we do this? We may feel we have pretty much made it as well as we are going. to. We don't have money, so we feel it's impossible. We don't really believe we deserve better things in life. Or, sometimes, we think, "luck," or knowing the right people can do more than God! So what can we do?

Enlist a, "Dream Team."

Everyone needs a dream team. A dream team is your inner circle of support. People who believe in you and encourage you. These are friends and family who know what your dreams are and they are your cheerleaders. When we have folks who check in with us and cheer us on, it's easier to believe in ourselves. Then, we too, need to be that person for others.

Do Something Each Day Towards Your Dream.

Whatever it is that you are striving for, take a small step each day in that direction. Make a list of everything that is needed. Do some research about your goals. Take an online college course. Find a mentor. Make a vision board. Cut out pictures and put them on the board. Put encouraging quotes and lists on it. Put a gold star on each milestone you complete.

Remember It's Never Too Late.

Laura Ingalls Wilder published the first in the "Little House" books at age 65 in 1932. They soon became children's literary classics, and the basis for TV show "Little House on the Prairie." Martha Stewart had worked on Wall Street and owned a Connecticut catering firm, but her real success came after age 41 with the publication of her first book, Entertaining, and the launch of Martha Stewart Living seven years later! At age 55, Duncan Hines wrote his first food and hotel guide. At age 73, he licensed the right to use his name to the company that developed Duncan Hines cake mixes. It's never too late to make your dreams come true.

Track God's Promises & Journal Them.

God promises us in His Word that if we seek Him, He will reward us. Matthew 6:33 says, "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." Keep a journal on your dream. Seek out all of God's promises in the Bible and write them down. Pray about it everyday and keep track of answered prayer. God wants to bless us and make all of our dreams come true! The only condition is that we follow Him and live a righteous life! Now that is an exciting adventure!

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