5 Attitudes That Can Boost Your Career

In Honor of Labor Day, we are looking at work ethic. So, let's work it girl! Here are 5 helpful tips to assist your efforts at work.

Be More Than Your Job Description

Some people will do the bare minimum at work. In fact, if it's not in their job description, they may even tell you, "That's not my job!" I've even heard customer service reps say that to customers! Odds are you have some talents beyond what your job description is. It's a good thing to let folks (and your boss) notice this. This very step is what has gotten me promoted time and time again over the last 39 years! Take the lead on a project. Be the one to volunteer for a special task force. It feels good to excel and it will get you noticed.

Be Reliable, Trustworthy, and Appreciative

When you are given a deadline, turn the project in 2 days early...consistently. Your boss will be appreciative and deem you super reliable. When you say you are going to do something, do it accurately and on time. Never speak ill of co-workers to your boss. This never bodes well of your image. And be appreciative...verbally. Thank your boss for opportunities before and after the project. Verbally appreciate your co-workers when you notice their efforts or they assist you in some manner. This is integrity. Christ honors integrity.

Be Solution-Oriented, Not Problem-Focused

Problems create stress, however, dwelling on them does not fix anything. Our first response is usually to complain, blame or commiserate with our equally unhappy colleagues. Resist this urge. Even if you manager doesn't hear you say negative things, someone may throw you under the bus. It is so not worth it. So begin to think of solutions. Hopefully creative, out of the box solutions. If you know you are going to a meeting about the problem, jot down some notes or ideas that could improve the situation. Research what other companies have done. Google the problem, get some stats. It will be impressive!

Avoid Whiners & Complainers

Whiners and complainers bring everyone down. They suck the joy right out of you. They are usually the gossips as well. When you find yourself in the midst of gossip, simply state, "I don't feel comfortable talking about someone behind their back." It's bold and firm and it needs to be. You can also make the statement, "I understand the company is working on solutions. Do you have any ideas?" Or simply excuse yourself. You are the company you keep and that group is a pity party you don't want to attend.

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