4 Steps to Personal Growth in 2018

Give Yourself Space

We need, "Buffer Zones," in our life. Don't rush through life and miss it. Be present in the moment. Leave space in your schedule for you. Schedule time to just breathe and take a walk. Re-arrange your furniture for more space and a fresh look. Give yourself space in your checkbook and don't run yourself down to your last fifty bucks. Give yourself space.

Reach to Be a Better Person Daily

Take stock of your values: Honesty, Kindness, Generousity. Identify areas where you can be a better person. What's important to you? Do you want to be more patient? Do you want to perform more random acts of kindness? Sure we all want to eat better and lose a few pounds. While good health is very important, our character as a person is just as important.

Open Your Heart to Possibilities

What is your heart's desire? Find a pretty journal and pen that writes really well. Get a favorite beverage. Find a comfy seat and write down everything you can think of that would make your heart leap with joy. There are so many scriptures that God promises to fulfill our plans, prosper us, and make our dreams come true. Write it down in faith and receive God's favor.

Welcome New Opportunities

One thing I've always wanted to do is take a jewelry making class. What have you got on your short term bucket list? Have you ever gone to a painting class? They are very fun! Pick one night a month and go on an excursion. Try something new and stretch yourself. Go to a networking event. Trade business cards and take notes on new contacts. Take a cooking class or go book shopping. One day a month. Plan it out in your planner. You'll find that it enhances your life, builds your knowledge and expands your friendships.

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