Get Rid of Your Inner Clutter Bug

Look around the room you are in right now. Do you see any clutter? Could you be on an episode of, “Hoarders?” Clutter causes stress and clutter is the main barrier of productivity. Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.

Use the standard strategy of, “Keep,” “Donate,” or, “Toss.” Start small. Tackle a junk drawer. Now I believe we should have one small junk drawer. There are little things we need but there’s no other place to put them so they go in the junk drawer. Mine is a small junk drawer in the kitchen. But from time to time, I go through it and streamline its contents.

Or start with one room and focus on that one room until you are done. Purchase clear boxes with lids to organize the things you do keep. Give your clothes to a friend who may appreciate them. Tackle, “stacks.” Will you really read that big stack of magazines? Pitch them. Are you ever going to finish that Pinterest project? What about the items you, "might," need one day? Will you be using them soon? Probably not.

Mail is another, “stack.” Rule of thumb: When you get the mail, immediately toss the junk mail. I keep my important mail in a pretty, rectangular basket so I always know where to go when I’m looking for important papers. Take it slow. Do a little at a time. Give, “Spring Cleaning,” the attention it deserves. You will feel productive and pleased with yourself. Don’t let the, “Hoarders,” show knock on your door!

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