Chasing Contentment

Ever feel like you are chasing contentment? We want something to look forward to. Like vacation or date night. We also want peace. Peace is at the heart of contentment. We want joy, yet we worry and marinate on everything that is not right. We try to navigate all of the unexpected things that smack us in the face when we least expect it. I had such a busy week and smack dab in the middle, on Wednesday, I lost my contentment. Not only did I lose my contentment, I had a melt down. A public melt down at the Apple Store.

A week ago my MacBook Pro died. It was fine one evening. The next morning it wouldn't power on. So there was no way to back up my (critical) data! So off to the Apple Store. The Apple Genius guy said the logic board went out but my data should be fine if they don't have to replace anything else. But when I picked it up, the data was wiped clean and restored to factory settings. I was beside myself. I told him it was only 18 months old and now I had to pay $475 to re-build it. I went on to say, "I've been an Apple customer my whole life but maybe I should re-think that since the quality with Apple products is obviously not what it once was!" Eventually I calmed down and apologized profusely and he was very nice. But everything I lost was freaking me out. I cried an hour all the way home. I had a very bad attitude. I was really angry.

But then God started reaching out to me. I received a FB private message from someone that sent me a Christian music video that ministered to me. When I messaged back I asked her what made her send it because it was so helpful. She said, "The Holy Spirit."! Also, I thought I had lost a new book I'm working on that has 35 original skits for church groups. BUT... then I found it on back up. I had to spend several hours on the phone with Microsoft to get my Office software back. But I did and was still even able to make a deadline.

Slowly, God showed me scriptures from random places and pulled me close to Him during this time of difficulty. Our focal scripture is 1 Timothy 5:6, "If we have food and covering, with these we shall be content. The key word in that scripture is, "covering," Covering is defined as, "to cover with protection." That means protection over everything that concerns you. God is our supernatural covering. Contentment is defined as, "feeling or showing satisfaction with one's possessions, status, or situation." Contentment is hard wired to gratitude! When we are grateful for what we do have or for what is going right, we find that we don't have to chase contentment. It just grows.

Love to You All,


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