Gracious Receiving

Have you ever received a compliment and rejected it? Sometimes we immediately start pointing out why it’s not true. If someone compliments our hair, for example, we may say, “Oh, I just got it cut. I don’t think I like it.” Or someone compliments our outfit and we say, “Oh this old thing. I’ve had it for years.” I don’t know why some folks can’t accept compliments. But when we respond by rejecting the compliment, it has a negative or awkward effect on the person who said something nice. The thing to do is just be gracious. Gracious means: courteous, kind, and pleasant. I’ve shared this analogy with you before… A compliment is a verbal gift. Simply respond with, “Thank You!” Or my favorite, “That made my day!”

Earlier in the year, I was desperately sick for two months. Pancreatitis, Colitis, and a burst appendix kept me down for a very long time. My friend, Tonya, asked if she could stop by at 4pm one day. When the doorbell rang, I opened the door and there was my friend. Behind her was another friend, and another. All together, five of my friends arranged their schedules to come see me and bless me. They showered me with gifts, loved on me, and prayed for me. I was so very overwhelmed by their kindness! I could hardly thank each of them enough. But I basked in it and was oh so grateful!

Included in the array of surprises was a cash gift. I thought to myself, I want to use this cash in a memorable way. One of my favorite places in London is called Covent Garden. I had a 20+ year old poster of Covent Garden that I had always wanted to get framed. I decided to see what it would cost at Michaels. It was over $300. After their sale and my coupon it cost the exact amount of money that had been given to me! Unbelievable! God says He will give us the desires of our hearts! Now every single time I look at that framed poster, I will think of Tonya, Joy, Cheryl, Carol, and Tiffany. I graciously received their enormous act of kindness.

Here’s an Acrostic to help you remember how to, “ACT,” graciously.


First accept the compliment, gesture, or gift. At Christmas this year, if someone gives you a gift…just accept it graciously even if you don’t have a gift for them.


Say something nice. “You are so kind,” or, “The wrapping is beautiful,” or, You are so thoughtful.”


A gracious, “Thank you so very much!” Or, “You don’t know how much this means to me!”

ACT Graciously. ACCEPT, COMMENT, and THANKS goes a long way!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights,

who does not change like shifting shadows." ~ James 1:17

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