2 Hour Power Sessions

Power Sessions $1000

(Up to 50 Participants) 


Power Sessions are held at your location. Depending on the number of folks you want to attend, most organizations will schedule a morning session and afternoon session. If you have 150 folks to train or more, it is recommended that you do 4 sessions over a two day period. If you want to get this implemented in one day, we can manage that schedule and we will consider evening sessions. Client is responsible for reproducing handouts. 

Seminars & Training Programs


Half Day Seminar $1500

(Up to 50 Participants) 



Full Day Seminar $3000

(Up to 50 Participants) 

Seminars and Training programs are more in depth with skills practice and hands-on learning. Each program is different and I can share the skills that will be mastered within the curriculum, based on the program selected. Client is responsible for reproducing handouts. 


Keynote Speeches
Keynote Speeches $3500

(Unlimited Participants) 


If you are able to assemble a large group at one time, this may be the best selection of learning for you. Key Notes are 90 minutes of fast pace learning. There are many topics to choose from for a Key Note Speech. We can plan a tailored speech for your organization or I can serve on a panel of speakers with the topic of your choice in a conference environment. Client is responsible for reproducing handouts. 

Churches & Retreats
Special Pricing Assistance
(Unlimited Participants) 


For churches and retreats, we can work together with ticket pricing and there is flexibility to meet your budget. Luncheon speeches are typically 45 minutes to 1 hour. Retreats are two or three 1-1/2 hour sessions over a weekend. There are dozens of topics that will inspire your guests to take action towards a powerful and content life in Christ. Sessions are Fascinating, Informative and Fun! I work with you to help you design an event or weekend retreat, so you're not alone. You'll have an event that will be remembered for years to come!